Sunday, 18 September 2011

Why men have female features?

This is to share with you part of the discussion and debate my students had the other day on the issue of gender equality.

Student A: "Gender inequality is emphasized not only by competitive economical societies that favour masculine traits but also deepened by biblical text that says Adam was created first and Eva was made from his rib"

Student B: "...which is scientifically not true because of course men and women are created equally!"

Student C: "That is also not true. Everyone who has been through fifth grade knows that the basic template for human body and brain is female. We all start out as girls with our mother's X chromosome. Then if you get a Y, you will be born as a boy XY. If you get an X, you will be born as a girl XX. And listen: Even if you do NOT get that X from your stingy father, you will of course still be born as a girl XO. That is why men have female features such as nipples and mammary glands"

The whole class was silent for a good few seconds. Then came the triumph of some girls who all of a sudden found a great reason to cheerfully shout out: "Boys, face it! Forget the rib-story. You might have been created from our finger nail"


  1. According to some non official versions of the Bible, Eva was not the first woman but Lilith who was created at the same time in the same way as Adam. She was chased from Eden by Adam because she revolted against her inferior position.

  2. hehehe theo minh dieu quan trong khong phai la dan ba co truoc hay khoi thuy cua loai nguoi o chau Phi ma la tat ca moi nguoi deu co gia tri nhu nhau

  3. does this mean, biologically, women are superior?

  4. They do. Because as it was said by the students, a girl can be born WITHOUT her father's 23th chromosome.

  5. I used this information in my class today and we were pleasantly surprised also how scientific facts can help to boost gender esteem and fight off perception. I have lots of Muslim students and you can immagine that the effect is pretty impressive. Thanks for sharing.

  6. November 2011 at 00:52

    As a man, I prefer the concept of gender equality. Both men and women being created from the one shared template. The female also has a remnant of the male reproductive organ. It is called the clitoris.

  7. danh gia hay nhan xet 1 con nguoi khong the dua tren nguoi do la dan ong hay dan ba ma do nhung gia tri ma nguoi day tao ra.
    anyway, ve sau neu co con, minh van thich co con gai hon ^^


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