Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Israel - Loser in a winning battle

My latest piece published by BBC-Vietnam on Gaza. Here are a few summary points:


1.  Israel has become a loser in its own winning war partly because of the social media's devastating force. Pro-Palestine supporters won the world's vulnerable hearts by posting a bombardment of children's bodies torn apart by shrapnel. Nothing is louder than an image of an innocent child being destroyed by the war. If the photo of Nick Ut capturing Napalm girl being burned in 1972 helped to stop the war in Vietnam, there are thousands of "Nick Ut" out there posting millions of "Napalm girls" to surely make Israel look like a monster. On top of that, in a conflict between a state-actor and a non-state actor, the latter can win just by staying alive.

2. Israel has been using "deterrence" war strategies in dealing with Hamas, which requires to show it is ready to act even against its own best benefit. This explains why Israel is firm on its standing even though its leaders know more than anyone else that each civilian's death is a big blow to tarnish Israel's image.

3. It is crucial to know that not all people in Gaza support Hamas, many of them are victims of the war between Israel and Hamas, having no other option but to face a catastrophic crossfire while Israel brutally attempts to destroy Hamas's rocket and tunnel systems. Israel argues that Hamas stores weapons in civilian's living areas so to make it hard for Israel to hit without killing the innocent.

4. Last but not least, while the world's outcry for Palestinian's casualties is completely justified, and Israel is having nothing less than a massacre in Gaza, and this horrendous situation is a shame on humanity, there is still a difficult question but should  not be avoided otherwise: "What would each side do if they had the ultimate power to destroy?". Israel does not need that hypothesis. They already have that power. With their military capacity they can flatten Gaza and kill every living thing in a day. But what if Hamas had that absolute power to destroy? I'll leave this very uncomfortable imagination to you.

It is outrageous that Syria has been completely forgotten even though its casualties in one day is tantamount to the total death in Gaza after 3 weeks. But I guess the obsession with Gaza is that Muslim fighting Muslim can not be as sensitive as Muslim fighting Jews.

If you want to ask about my personal opinion, then frankly, I think a more sustainable solution can not be found without the immediate stop of the new settlements. That is where the talking point begins. If not, this is certainly not the last war.

P/S Dear my good friends from both sides, I know reading this may make you squirm. But honestly, there is NO possible way to say anything on the Israel-Palestine matter without being shot dead. As simple as that.

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  1. hmmm nice post sharing with us i really like this post thanks for sharing this.


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