Dr. Phuong-Mai Nguyen (or Nguyen-Phuong-Mai) is Associate Professor at AMSIB where she has been working since 2008. She involves in diverse research projects. Her research interests include Diversity Management, Asian corporate culture, Middle East and Islamic culture, Face-work Negotiation, and Instructional Design.
In the last few years, she has taken interest in cultural neurosciences together with her study at King's College London in a Master program on Applied Neuroscience. In May 2017, she published a book with Amsterdam University Press titled: Intercultural Communication – An Interdisciplinary Approach: When Neurons, Genes, and Evolution Joined the Discourse. This is the first text book in the field of IC that incorporates insight from newly emerging disciplines. It advocates a fundamental change from seeing culture as static to a more responsive paradigm of seeing culture as dynamic. It challenges the dominant school of Hofstede and the like with scientific foundation in neurobiology and calls for shifting paradigm. Since the date of release, she has been invited to keynote at multiple conferences. Her up-and-coming book with Routledge is another attempt to enrich the field of cross-cultural management with insights from brain science. 
Dr. Phuong-Mai Nguyen holds a Master in Educational Science and Curriculum Design from Twente University, and a PhD in Intercultural Communication from Utrecht University, The Netherlands. She contributes as member of several research advisory boards, including ELLTA (Leadership and Learning in the Asian century).
On the business side, Dr. Phuong-Mai Nguyen runs her own training agency Culture Move and designs tailor-made programs for universities and companies. She co-designed various business simulation tools including Cultural Detective® and Diversophy® which are frequently used in corporate training programs. Since 2015, she also coaches diverse governmental bodies on Radicalization.
Dr. Phuong-Mai Nguyen started her career as a journalist with training and fellowships at World Press Institute (USA), BBC (Thailand) and Reuter (UK). She now freelances for different media outlets including BBC, Islamic Monthly and Your Middle East. She spent most of 2012 in the midst of the Arab Spring, following the historical route of Islam from where it began, city by city, to the West and to the East. She communicates as a public figure here. 

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