I am an Associate Professor at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where I teach and do research on Intercultural Management and Middle East studies. 

I have journalistic background, and I still work as a freelance writer for a variety of media outlets. My writings have appeared on BBC, Jerusalem Post, The Big Round Table, Islamic Monthly..., among others. I see myself as a cultural nomad, as I have lived in and visited more than 100 countries. My reader base is approximately 35.000 and growing. 

As a trainer and coach, I deliver training programs for multinationals with particular specialization in Cross-cultural Management, Asian perspectives, Middle East cultures, and Diversity management. 

I also co-designed various business simulation tools such as Cultural Detective and Diversophy used in management and training programs. 

In 2012, I embarked on a journey through the Middle East, tracing the path of Islam from where it began, city by city, westwards to Africa and eastwards to Asia. My up and coming book has the working title: Alone, Asian, and Atheist in the Middle East

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