Culture Move offers workshops, lectures, and training in the following realms

1. The Neurobiology of Cultural Competence

We are stepping into a new era where knowledge of our brain and the evolutionary past has been radically changing the way we think about everything: ourselves, happiness, business, leadership, and discrimination, etc. Workshops offered in this area are highly tailored made, aiming at specific concerns of the client in a specific context.
Workshops: Cultural Neuroscience - The basic; The Neurobiology of a Multicultural Mind; The Brain and Business; Fear-free Change Management; Bias and HR; Leadership of 100 billion Neurons 

2. International Management

International and cross-culture management has entered a new age where it moved from management of the work to management of the People and the Self. Workshops on this realm offer understanding of management from international perspectives in order to optimize effectiveness and gain high flexibility as well as stability to business venture. The instructor incorprates insight from neurobiology in delivering the workshops. 
Workshops: Intercultural Competence; Diversity and Inclusiveness Management; Corporate culture; Global marketing; Conflict Resolution; Negotiation; Virtual Team

3. Vietnam Business culture

Vietnam is growing economy with a distinguished business culture. Workshops focus on Vietnam present essential values and also points out the fundamental differences that set Viet Nam apart from other Asian cultures.
Workshops: Survival Kit in Viet Nam; Vietnamese Business culture; Effective Communication; Striking a contract

4. Doing business in Asia

Building trust and relationship is essential everywhere, only the Asian do it in a different way. Workshops in this realm tackle many misunderstanding regarding the Asian values such as “face” and “authority”, providing a wide range of practical advice in approaching, negotiating, and keeping relationship with Asian business partners.
Workshops: Behind the Asian mind; Asian Communication and Diversity

5. Islam and Middle East Insight

80% of our everyday's news covers the Middle East - a region that has less than 5% of the world's population. It is an unique region where both collective intelligence and common culture rest upon a religion which has a diversity of interpretation. On the other hand, Islam has become an integral part of Western culture, posing both opportunities and challenges. Lectures and workshops on Islam and the Middle East provide essential understanding and skills to deal with this uniqueness and aim at win-win situations.
Workshops: Radicalization; Middle East unveiled; Islam and Islamism; Muslim in the West; Middle East diversity

6. Multicultural Education and Curriculum Design

Training and educating a culturally diverse audience is very exciting, since it can go terribly wrong or end up with everyone having wonderful experience. Managing diversity and optimizing the differences is therefore a must for teachers, trainers, and program managers alike.
Workshops: Train the teachers in Multicultural classroom; Optimize Diversity; Designing Curriculum and Classroom activities